In the middle of The Netherlands, you will find the sociable U.F.O.-Stam. As an association, we ensure you can participate in and organize many fantastic, challenging, and social activities. Every year our abbreviation changes. This year it stands for Exceptional Phenomenal Gatherings (Dutch: Uitzonderlijk Fenomenale Opkomsten).

We meet on Tuesday evenings every week for a gathering or drinks. Activities start at 19:30. We cook and eat together almost weekly. We are closing the evenings with some games and drinks.

Our enthusiastic members organize each gathering. The past year's activities include a sign language workshop, canoeing, pioneering, fire breathing, and a music workshop.

Besides the gatherings, we also go camping about four times a year. We also participate in national events (Scout-in and Scoutiviteit). Whenever you have a fantastic event you would like to attend (scout related or not), do not hesitate to ask the members. A lot of them are enthusiastic about joining you. The board can also help you promote the event through our communication channels.

Whatever we do, the U.F.O.-Stam makes sure it will be extraterrestrial fun!

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