Since 12-12-12 the NovioMaguStam has been the nicest tribe of Noviomagus, the most beautiful city by the Waal. Our members are called NMS’ers and they all love brie. 

 During our attendances we combine scouting with the Nijmegen student life. Every other week we have an attendance on Wednesday evening, in the week when there is no attendance we have a drink. 

 Our members organize the attendances. If you have a cool idea, we'll say: "Let’s arrange it!" Before the attendance we have a nice meal together.

 What you can expect from us are campfires, battles with a lot of fanaticism, laser gaming and lots of fun. Sometimes we tie a knot, but you are also welcome without scouting experience.

 In addition to the regular attendances, we also have a number of annual special attendances. For a complete day of activities, we hold a Sunday-attendance, which is not limited to Nijmegen. Three times a year there is a larger attendance on which alumni members are also welcome. The iScout is also something we compete for every year and of course we participate in the best scouting activity in Gelderland; the Jotihunt.

 It doesn't just stop at attendances and drinks. During an academic year we also go on a tribe weekend and summer camp. All organized by our own committees! We traditionally finish our camps with pancakes.

 Would you like to eat a piece of brie with us sometime? You are always welcome to come and watch, at our open attendances or during a regular attendance or drink! Send an email:

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