In the most beautiful student city in the Netherlands, Groningen, you can find the Martinistam. The Martinistam, named after the well-known tower in the center of Groningen, combines the sociability of a student association with the adventure of Scouting.

At the association we are divided into two active groups: Stam 1 and Stam 2. The student members, Stam 1, have a gathering once every two weeks on Wednesday evening. The graduate members, Stam 2, have an assembly once a month. During the gatherings we do all kinds of things! Playing with fire, life-size games throughout the city, or pioneering in the Noorderplantsoen. We do it all. And everything is organized by our own enthusiastic members. Often we also go for a drink together afterwards.

We also maintain contact with other associations in the city and once in a while we organize an activity together: like Apenkooien! (A combination of The Floor is Lava and Tag)

As real students we also like to have a snack, a drink and a party. Besides the regular meetings, we do a lot more! There are get-togethers, men's and women's evenings, a Christmas dinner, a summer camp, and a big camp with all the other student tribes in the Netherlands. We also organize a big party every year, celebrating the founding of our beautiful association. And if other student tribes have a nice get-together or party, of course we like to go there.

The Martinistam knows all too well: There's nothing above Groningen! For more about the Martinistam, check:
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