The LEDStam is located in Eindhoven in Noord-Brabant. Every other Wednesday we gather at the building of scouting St. Rafael. Two different members of the LEDStam organize the gathering, resulting in a varied programme and new and surprising activities for our members. For example, we played ‘real-life’ Risk, cooked over the campfire and played a pub quiz. Before our gatherings, we eat dinner together and afterwards we have drinks.

In the week without a gathering, you are welcome to enjoy a drink at the local student café. Also, other activities are organized by the members apart from the association. For example, we followed a top-rope course with a group and we went to a concert.

Every year we go camping, this camp is called LEKA or LEDStam Kamp. This weekend we do all kinds of cool activities such as a scavenger hunt by car. We also visit national activities with other student scouting groups in the Netherlands. We go to the Student Scouting Weekends and the Student Scouting Gala

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