Our origin

Studentenscouting Nederland (SSN) was established because the various student scouting clubs wanted to work together to enjoy activities together and promote the concept of student scouting. After a couple of years the need for a central board arose which is now known as the National Representation (Landelijke Vertegenwoordiging, LV). The first name of this board was promotion committee, in which you can recognize the first goal of the organisation. This goal still stands, but the LV now also facilitates national student scout events, communication with and between (new) student scouting clubs and other external organisations.

Meet the national representation

As mentioned the LV mainly concerns itself with promotion of student scouting and supporting affiliated and new member clubs. For example, the LV organises the council of student scouting clubs (Raad der Studentenstammen, RdS). Here all the boards of member clubs gather to talk about all kinds of themes concerning their associations. The LV also helps with several events. Important are for example the student scouting weekend, student scouting gala and photoawards for all the boards.

The LV is similar to other parttime boards of student associations with similar functions. The biggest difference is that there is no fixed board that works together for a year. Instead, board members are selected individually for a term of 1 year with a maximum of 3 terms. This happens twice a year at the council of student scouting clubs.

Benjamin Hillebrand


Mark Aarsen


Rianne van Stappen


Gerben Erens


Chiara van den Heijkant


Anne-Fleur Weijers

International relations
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